What We Believe

We are a confessional Lutheran church, dedicated to preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Our purpose is to preach Christ as the Savior of all mankind.  We strive, by the grace of the Redeemer, to maintain the true Scripture doctrine and confessions which our Lord restored through Martin Luther over 500 years ago.

Our congregation is a member of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC). The CLC is composed of Lutheran churches who are united together in fellowship and agreement through God’s Word. Our theology and teachings center around Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and victorious resurrection for the sins of the world.


In an age of constant change, we still believe in the unchanging Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — three persons in One God.

In an age of Humanism’s confusion, we still believe that God created the universe in six 24-hour days as revealed in Genesis, and that the whole Bible is God’s Word, free from all errors, contradictions or myths.

In an age of doubt, we still believe that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.

In an age of fear and guilt, we still believe that Christ died on the cross as payment for the sins of the world, and that He arose from the grave because His sacrifice was accepted by God, so that the world is declared righteous on account of Him.

In an age of do-it-yourself religion, we still believe that eternal salvation is through faith in the “good news”, not obedience to the law; by grace alone, apart from all works; by the Holy Spirit working through the Gospel in the Word and Sacraments, not by human reason, religious sincerity, spiritual fervor, “Spirit-baptism” or any other condition, work, or “add on” of man.

In an age of “agreeing to disagree”, we still believe that to preserve the pure Gospel of Christ for ourselves and others, Christians are commanded by the Lord to test and judge all teachings and philosophies, hold to whatever is according to God’s Word, and avoid all religious fellowship with that which is contrary to that Word.

In an age of “evangelical materialism”, we still believe that the “evangel” is the proclamation of forgiveness and the gaining of heaven through faith in Christ, not the preaching of principles by which one may lead a “good” life and gain earthly prosperity.

“If you hold to my teaching, then you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
 –John 8:31-32

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Meet Our Pastor!

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh

Pastor Rodebaugh has been the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church since January 2022. Before joining Faith, Pastor Rodebaugh was the Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Winter Haven, FL. He serves the synod in a variety of ways as well: writing for the Lutheran Spokesman, serving as editor of the Daily Rest devotional periodical, arranging CLC Mission Helper Trips, serving on the CLC Board of KINSHIP as the Public Relations Officer, and serving the synod in the capacity of Recruiter to the Public Ministry to encourage young people to consider the preaching and teaching ministry.

Pastor is joined by his beloved wife and four sons.

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